Smartrackpro is a propulsive leader and acknowledged pioneer in providing the Gps based fleet management products and services. Smartrackpro aspires to provide the opportunity for every fleet owner in India so as to enjoy prosperity,peace,confidence when it comes to there vehicle's location and security

Fleet reporting tools

Because you can't manage what you don't measure.

The Smartrackpro Fleet Management solution has you covered with more than 200 reports to help you optimize your fleet operations.

Quickly generate our reports on the fly and set up subscriptions to reports you want delivered to your inbox.

You can easily report on a single vehicle or your entire fleet. Print and email reports in multiple formats to share with your team.

Some of our most popular reports include:

  • Idle Report – helps reduce fuel expenses and consumption
  • Start/Stop Report – use as a virtual timecard to validate payroll
  • Detailed Activity Report – pinpoint vehicle location and status
  • Fleet Status Report – Snapshot of the current status of your fleet
  • Fuel Efficiency Report – Compare expected and actual fuel consumption

Our reports give you a window into your fleet operations to learn what's working and what's not.

Is your fleet as productive as you think it is?

Are you wasting money because you can't track your fleet and fuel expenses?

Get to know our powerful reporting tools to enhance your fleet performance.