Smartrackpro is a propulsive leader and acknowledged pioneer in providing the Gps based fleet management products and services. Smartrackpro aspires to provide the opportunity for every fleet owner in India so as to enjoy prosperity,peace,confidence when it comes to there vehicle's location and security

Smart Trackpro

Smart Trackpro is a compactsize entry level device for fleet management applications. The device is specifically suitable for large fleets, insurance and leasing companies. CR200 is characterized by cellocator's high level of quality and is offered at a competitive price for large scale deployments.

The device is fully certified for automotive standards in accordance with EU And US Directives.

Benefits include:

  • Small size for quick and esy installation
  • Built-in motion sensor for movement & towing detection
  • Built-in quad band modem and GPS with internal antennas
  • Event memory: ~5K full time stamped events
  • GPRS / SMS communication types
  • GPIOs
  • Cellocator+TM Maintenance Server Support (Optional)
  • Roaming management
  • Geo-fence Management
  • Online Event-driven Reporting
  • OTA Configurable
  • OTA Upgradable