Smartrackpro is a propulsive leader and acknowledged pioneer in providing the Gps based fleet management products and services. Smartrackpro aspires to provide the opportunity for every fleet owner in India so as to enjoy prosperity,peace,confidence when it comes to there vehicle's location and security

The Smartrackpro Vehicle Maintenance

Our module helps you extend the life of your vehicles with maintenance schedules, logs and reportsand ensures all your vehicles get the service they need.

Properly managing vehicle maintenance helps to optimize your vehicles and keeps them running at their most fuel efficient levels.

Smartrackpro easy-to-use maintenance schedules help take the guesswork out of serving your vehicles and lets you maximize yourassets by ensuring preventive upkeep is occurring consistently and on schedule.

Our maintenance logs allow you to track vehicle maintenance and view details of services performed to ensure policies are being followed and met.

  • Automate maintenance schedules
  • Receive an alert if needed repairs are overdue
  • Stay informed with logs and reports

Tracking preemptive maintenance means healthier vehicles, lower fuel and repair costs and more employees getting their work done on any given day.