Smartrackpro is a propulsive leader and acknowledged pioneer in providing the Gps based fleet management products and services. Smartrackpro aspires to provide the opportunity for every fleet owner in India so as to enjoy prosperity,peace,confidence when it comes to there vehicle's location and security

Hardware Solutions

Smartrackpro has one of the most advanced and broadest offerings of hardware solutions from their OEM based out ISRAEL

We provide only the latest and most advanced vehicle location technologies to ensure that companies stay in front of fleet management innovation.

We not only offer both hardwired and wireless vehicle tracking devices, we offer devices on the, GSM networks.

Our tamper-proof devices provide up-to-the-minute tracking and have a built-in accelerometer for accurate driver behavior data.

Many of our devices have multiple I/O ports to support various add-on features such as:

  • Driver ID sensors
  • Power take-off sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pick-up/drop-off sensors

We also offer mobile-network based, trailer tracking and heavy equipment tracking devices.

These options ensure that all of our customers have the right device for their application and environment.

The Smartrackpro solution truly is the best in the industry for easily monitoring all of your vehicles and assets on the same platform.